With the current Australian Work, Health and Safety (WHS) legislation it has become more important than ever to ensure equipment meets the relevant standards and has an appropriate maintenance program.


Owners of Telescopic Handlers are obliged to meet the recently introduced AS2550.19 standard.


It is the responsibility of the owner of a Telescopic Handler to ensure that any safety risks associated with the safe use of their equipment is minimised as far as reasonably practical.







To assist owners in meeting their obligations Manitou Australia has developed the Annual Inspection Program, TELESAFE, to meet the requirements of AS2550.19.


Does your maintenance meet the relevant Australian Standards?

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The TELESAFE inspection program is a voluntary program; however Telescopic Handler owners and users have a duty of care obligation under National and individual State & Territory WH&S legislation and regulations to ensure that their Telescopic Handlers are in a safe and serviceable condition.


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